As the Omicron variant ravages New York City, Edward Champion fearlessly hits the thronged streets of Manhattan to chat with SantaCon revelers and determine the true meaning of Santa Claus in increasingly apocalyptic times. His investigative adventure finds him chatting with professional Santas, city workers, expert psychiatrists, street philosophers, and even one of the founders of SantaCon himself! (December 23, 2021, running time 49 minutes, 8 seconds.)

This is a two minute preview. The full 49 minute episode is available to members only. To listen to the full episode, become a Season 1 subscriber!

Thanks to Dr. Anna Lembke, John Law, Manuel Bojuad, and a few dozen SantaCon revelers for the generous time they devoted to this program.

Music licensed through Neosounds and MusicFox through Gray Area Productions.

Additional music licensed through Radio Free Archive: Mela’s “Horrible,” John Bartmann’s “Deck the Halls,” Mark Castle’s “Sad Xmas,” and Art of Escapism’s “Don’t Feel So Low.”

Thank you for listening!

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One comment on “How the World Makes Us #3: The Meaning of Santa (Preview)

  1. Anthony Dauer Dec 23, 2021

    Well, that was cheesy. 😎