The listeners have spoken and they’re crazy about Only Chatter!

And here’s a collection of advance reviews from TikTok:

“Ed weaves together his topics with humor, intelligence, interviews, and voice clips to create this very entertaining experience. It’s a cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm, Billy on the Street, and 60 Minutes.” — Sheryl Altman

“He’s brilliant. He’s witty. He’s talented…God, the way that he connects with people and talks to them and interviews them and just throws in some satire and some heart? It’s just raw. And it’s beautiful. And I love his way of connecting with humans.” — @jenn_with2_nns

“The audio was amazing. Thanks for the great show, Ed. You are amazing.” – @blackcats

“The sound design. Oh my gosh! I can’t recommend him enough. Like it’s a miracle that he’s not being hired for anything. Especially given how good he works.” — @demonblade541

“I laughed my ass so many times. This is definitely a podcast I would pay for. It was very well produced. I really enjoyed it. Go, Ed!” — @noagav95

“It is a journalism podcast filled with humor and surprisingly great sound design. It’s an extreme gem of podcasting.”– @oukibokey

“A guy that has thought outside of the box and is trying to analyze what we as Americans have become. This is entertaining on a level of learning a whole new articulated well of reception.” — @thedilliano

“There’s really never a dull moment throughout the entire podcast. And the commentator’s voice is very soothing. So that’s a huge plus for me.” — @novak_hayden

“More addictive than cheese.” — Elijah Leddy

“I would definitely give it a listen.” — @malachi1982

“He’s showing that there are other ways other than begging for a job to make and earn a living.” — @unbalancedselfcontrol